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Today, a Canadian payment processor named PacNet became one of the targets of an unprecedented crackdown on global mail fraud, which will be announced later today by Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
CNNMoney, which is exclusively breaking the news of this action, has spent months digging into this little-known company and the shadowy world of international fraud.
These frauds target the sick and elderly — leaving them with nothing. While con artists perpetrate the scams, PacNet deposits the checks.
Through our reporting, we expose how PacNet has processed millions of dollars in global fraud — introducing you to nefarious scammers that have relied on PacNet for years and the countless victims who have been left in its wake.
While PacNet says it has never knowingly processed payments for scammers and that it does everything in its power to prevent fraud, CNNMoney has found that it has repeatedly given scammers the crucial ability to get their hands on money from victims.


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