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By Carmen Balber, Consumer Watchdog

The largest methane gas leak in California history began more than four months ago and has driven residents with nosebleeds, vomiting, rashes, and dizziness out of 5,000 homes. Shouldn’t we know why, how and who caused the mess by now? Even though the leak has been capped there are many unanswered questions.

Despite 11 investigations and lawsuits started by state and local regulators and prosecutors, the public still doesn’t have any real idea what happened in Porter Ranch. That’s because Governor Brown issued an emergency order last month to lock residents and the public out of all proceedings until the findings are complete.

So we don’t even know, for example, if independent testing of the air has been done over the wellhead. That’s pretty important, since the Associated Press found Southern California Gas understated emissions of carcinogenic benzene from Aliso’s 1950s-era oil well.

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